Full Aluminum Bar Plate Fin Air Charge Cooler Heat Exchanger

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The purpose of the intercooler is to remove the heat in the air charge that the turbo/supercharger puts into the charge when compressing it.There are two advantages Reducing the heat in the air charge increases the charge density (more molecules of air per cubic foot),thus increasing the potential for making more power.Kenworth - Ultra-Seal&Charge Air Cooler - Fits T600 Improves durability by eliminating welding found on traditional charge air coolers.Louvered Cooling Fans Advanced fin design achieves a high heat transfer rate and reduces the pressure drop through the core to deliver cooler,denser air to your engine.Leading the industry All aluminum manifolds

Steel Bar and Plate Coolers Full Steel High Frequency Welding Radiator Internal Fin Tube Steel Bar Plate Fin Oil Cooler 1614849600 for Atlas Air Compressor

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